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I Just Wanted to Say
Just a note to say...
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to hurt you.
Yes, I knew you would be hurt,
but I didn't feel like I had a choice.
I don't want to think that it ended bitterly.
It feels a bit like it has,
and for that
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I hate to think of you thinking of me badly,
hating me.
I hope you don't.
I don't hate you.
It just didn't work out,
but I hope you're okay.
I hope you're as happy and healthy as you can be.
I wish you all the best.
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I'm Pleading from the Bottom of my Heart
Please don’t.
Please don’t let yourself slip into the darkness.
You can escape from it.
You honestly can recover from anything, no matter how hard it gets.
I know you can. I have never been so stubbornly sure of anything.
Be the person that you want to be.
You can be that strong survivor that you heard about.
You can be that person that got through it.
You can.
Please believe that.
Please have faith in yourself.
Life is so incredible. It is the greatest mystery, filled with celebration and achievement and connection and feeling, and everything wonderful and tragic all in one place. It is not perfect, but that is part of what makes it so beautiful.
Your life is infinitely precious.
Protect it. Cherish it. Fight for it, with all of your strength.
Words will never be able to express how important this is. They cannot fully communicate the immeasurable meaning behind all of this.
Please understand it.
Know it, in your heart.
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Stupid Moments
Stupid Moments
Stupid moments.
That’s what I call them.
A temporary relapse of the mind.
Moments where my brain just ceases to function as it should do,
And I end up thinking the most ridiculous things.
Moments where I allow doubt to creep up on me,
Though I know it has no place in my mind.
Moments where, rather than thinking about how I really, truly feel,
I think about all of the ‘what if’s and the ‘but’s.
Where my mind is usually strong and forceful,
It is suddenly overcome by irrationalities,
Like a dam allowing itself to break from a tiny droplet of water.
What if he gets annoyed with me?
What if he thinks I’m stupid? Disgusting? Weird?
What if he gets tired of waiting for me?

Despite the fact that you are the sweetest,
Most lovely,
Understanding boyfriend I could ever ask for,
Somehow I still manage to worry myself.
It really doesn’t make any sense, does it?
You’d think, wouldn’t you, that wi
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Untameable Flame :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 3 7
Whenever I Walk Down Brighton Road
Whenever I Walk Down Brighton Road
Whenever I walk down Brighton Road, I am reminded of that day. I can once again hear my breathing quivering in my throat as I hurried, half way between walking and running. Half way between terrified and excited. I can feel my heartbeat racing as I clenched and unclenched my fingers into sweaty palms. I can see the brown envelope that I'd shoved the letter into in a rush, hardly taking notice of its appearance. The word 'private' is written on the front in capital letters, with the occasional gap in the print to give the impression of a stamp. It's a pitiful attempt, and the work of a delusional thirteen-year-old girl trying to make an effort. The only other words are his name.
Every moment is fresh in my mind. Three years could well have been three minutes. I paused as I reached his road, staring at the block of houses, contemplating my spontaneous decision to deliver the letter. I knew the address; I knew that one of those houses was his. I
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Goodbye, the Best Days of My Life
Goodbye, the Best Days of My Life
Waking up at 6am every morning and almost falling asleep with my face in my cereal.
Waiting an eternity for a 466 bus that actually wasn't a human sardine tin.
Grumpy bus driver, noisy kids, the twins who never left us alone.
Walking to school and moaning about the distance.
Taking off our coats, muttering about stupid rules.
Arriving just as the bell rings, cursing the sound.
Rushing to lesson, cursing our bad health.
Putting our planners on desks, sighing.
Listening to equations and language devices and effects of the chemical elements.
Whining about boredom, insisting that any kind of work is poisonous to our health.
Laughing at the cuss fight going on between the boys at the back of the class.
Scribbling down notes before the teacher moves to the next slide.
Complaining that we aren't being given enough time.
Giggling at that misspelled word that looks dirty.
Laughing at the pictures in the textbook.
Groaning as the bell rings again.
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Imperfection is Perfection :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 0 0 Merry Christmas - Sonic Style! :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 17 14 Doodle: Silence :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 0 4 Doodle: SMELL MY FOOT! :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 0 0 Doodle: Sonic's Disguise :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 3 6 Doodle: SonAmy Nose Rub Time! :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 0 5 Doodle: Monkey Man :icon01sonamy01:01SonAmy01 2 0


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OOC:A Parody of Sonic fanfics
It was a happy dandy and perfectly happy dandy day.The sky was blue and there was not a single could in the whole sky!How wonderful!
Amy Rose also felt wonderful because she saw Sonic.BUT ALL WAS NOT HAPPY DANDY AND/OR WONDERFUL FOR HIM!!!
For Sonic was not himself today,as you will soon see.
Amy approached him,cheery as usual.
"Hello Sonic!" she said. "How are you?"
Now,Sonic,the guy who will make friends with just about anyone and doesn't get worked up easily,was just SO ANGRY AT AMY!!!
Is she actually TALKING TO HIM?!Of all the nerve!
So,despite Sonic being good friends with Amy,and not hating anyone,not even Eggman,Sonic completely flipped his lid.
Now,Amy should have realized how unlike Sonic this is,but she didn't.Oh well.
"WHAT?!SONIC NUUUU!!" she said,her eyes tearing up.
Instead of fighting back,or hitting him with her hammer,Amy decided to
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Hi! if anyone's reading this... :P
I'm not very active on dA, as you've probably noticed. Sorry about that, and I'm sorry if I'm late replying to your comments or messages.

Recently it's been occurring to me that I need a new username. 01SonAmy01 will always be my identity on FanFiction and probably on deviantART too, but I want something new for YouTube, my 3DS and things like that. 
I love Sonic and Amy and I always will, but SonAmy, in general, just isn't such a big part of my life anymore. It hasn't been for a while. I want something that will say a bit more about me and my interests. 

So, I'm turning to you creative people to help me! :)
Anyone up for it? 

If you're willing to help, and you're still reading - thank you! :D
I want something snappy - fairly short, if possible.
Here's a list of things that I think could be included somehow:
- I love gaming (particularly Sonic and Professor Layton)
- I play the electric guitar (maybe something to do with plectrums?)
- I love writing 
- I like purple?
- I like lightning bolts? :P

ALSO, I came up with a few myself. Let me know if they're any good, please. :)
-SonicStrings  (maybe this one?)
-PopcornPlectrum (meh... this was just inspired by me eating popcorn... xD)

Please help me! D: 


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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm 01SonAmy01!
I was originally 88amyfan88 but I wanted my name to be the same as my FanFiction pen name, so yeah, I made this account and I'll delete the other one soon.
I doodle most of the time, and it's usually of Sonic the Hedgehog! :)
I've got an account of FanFiction with the same name, and that's what brought me here. I might even upload my stories onto here but it's mostly just my drawings.


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